Marriage Conference Comments

"Charles led pre-marital counseling for me and my wife nearly 20 years ago, and we have since had the opportunity to attend two of his marriage conferences.  His unique blend of humor, pastoral wisdom, and biblical insight will help couples understand one another better and grow closer together as husband and wife.  Whether you are newlyweds or have been happily married for 50 years, Charles will help you gain new insight into having the strong and fulfilling marriage God intends you to have."
"Charles has a way of making everyone feel at home and at ease which leads to open and meaningful conversations.  We learned a lot about each other and our marriage was strengthened."

"The sessions were very practical and there was something from every session that we personally needed."

"Charles is an excellent speaker!"

"Charles did a great job presenting the information – interesting and humorous!"

"I enjoyed this!  The principles of this session had very many memorable points for daily application."

"Charles invokes the element of trust in his audience."

"Fantastic weekend.  I give it a 10!"

"Great job!"

"Charles was wonderful – great presentation and topics."

"Charles is a great conference leader.  He covers “real” issues."

"Love Charles!  The meetings were quick-paced and enjoyable."

"Charles was great and I loved the visual aids.  Next year, I’m coming back and bringing friends who need this, too."

"Charles uses great examples and has given us some tools to use at home."

"100% worth the investment!"

"Charles did a fantastic job!"

"The things we enjoyed most: Charles Redding’s teaching!"

"Great content for the seminars and presented very effectively by Charles."

"The things we enjoyed most: Charles and his choice of topics.  Very instructive!"

"Retreat speaker:  10++++ encore, encore!"

Guiding Your Child's Spiritual Journey Comments

​“We found this class to be very practical, as well as motivational.  We were encouraged to think more intentionally about what we do in our home to teach our children about Jesus.  Charles is a great teacher, and it is obvious that he believes in and lives out the principles taught in this course.”

“Not only did we learn how to set spiritual markers for our children, but also how to create a game plan for helping our children achieve those markers. We were challenged to think outside the box and look at the long term. We learned that it is never too soon to begin setting a plan in  motion to help our children grow deeper in their faith."

“Thank you so much for the  encouragement that this class gave us. I know we still have a lot of work to do, but it is nice to know that we can see the progress that he has made thus far.”

“The class laid an excellent foundation and encouraging base for the importance and great responsibility of training your child in the Word.  It was incredibly moving and a wonderful reminder of the gift God gives us in children.”

“I think the biggest help we received was the Spiritual Marker Timeline for our child.  During the class we went into detail on what we wanted to see develop spiritually in our son.  It amazes me how quickly he picks things up and retains them.  I am proud to report that he is earlier on the timeline than we had hoped.  He has been doing the prayer at meals for almost a year now.  He even explained the resurrection this week.  We have been truly amazed and blessed by him.”

“This class was filled with useful ideas on family, child devotionals and laying the foundation for our child’s walk with Jesus Christ.  I highly recommend this class for every parent.”

“The class has been very helpful for my husband and myself in raising our children.  Most people remember the physical and intellectual sides of raising kids, but forget the most important part—the spiritual aspect.  This is the class to help parents raise up children right in a world of darkness.” 

“This class helped me realize that the things I want for my child are attainable, but really require intentionality on my part.  I cannot express how thankful I am for the encouragement this class provided me.”
“This class was extremely helpful in helping us realize that having a devotional with our children is important and a wonderful way to spend time and listen to them.  Since the class, we have implemented having a devotional and it is a wonderful tool to learn and talk about Jesus.  We recommend this class for all parents!”


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Dr. Charles Redding

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"Many people are good speakers. Charles is gifted."